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Our professional projector installation team have been trained to assist you in creating the ideal installed solutions for your classrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and reception areas. And of course your home cinema projector installation is just a phone call away!

We focus on achieving the best solution for your establishment to meet both your needs and your budget. To ensure that your exact requirements are met we will send out a expert projector installer to carry out a free site survey and investigate any existing equipment that needs to be integrated into the final install.  We help you maximize the full potential from your projector and as all our work is warranted then you have complete peace of mind.

 Included in our business conference room projector and projection screen installation service:

  • Conduct a site survey to meet all safety regulations and performing stress-test to the ceiling or the wall for the weight of a projector and a screen
  • Unpack and check the equipment for damage
  • Attach projectors ceiling mount to the ceiling; we provide The perfect high quality mount Bracket (make and model number of a projector must be specified by the client or determined during an initial site inspection)
  • Attach and secure projector on the ceiling mount
  • Conceal all video cables going to the projector (up to 15 feet) for a wire free look*.  All HDMI and Component cables we provide are 18 feet long, support 1080p with 36bit depth and CL3 rated for in-wall wiring
  • Attaching a clean source of power will eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency interference from your AC power and components for better high definition picture and to protect your projector against potentially damaging surges and spikes
  • Mount fixed or motorized screen from the ceiling or the wall and perform all electric motor connections based on the manufacturers specifications.  Connect all electric motor triggers or infrared signals to the system for automatic operation
  • Integrate projector and the screen into the existing audio/video system
  • Reconfigure cable box, satellite box, Blu-Ray DVD player and any game console to function properly and with its maximum capability with an HD projector

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