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We can professionally back up, transfer and/or migrate your existing computer data to a variety of media types, including USB flash media, external hard drives or your computer.

Are you considering purchasing a new PC?  With technology evolving so rapidly, it is not unusual for someone to replace his or her computer on a fairly regular basis.  While updating your technology with a new PC is certainly a smart move to make, you might be wondering how you are supposed to get all of the files on your old PC transferred to the new one.  With the help of Leslievillegeek, you can put your worries to rest!

  • Move all of those precious family pictures to your new Laptop
  • Move your iTunes Library properly and ensure your music and playlists are indexed on your new Laptop
  • Are all of your Videos moved properly? 
  • Did you know that you can transfer many applications from your old computer to your new one? Ask us how

Transfer All of Your Data Safely and Efficiently

When you trust Leslievllegeek to fulfill your data transfer needs, you can take comfort in knowing that your files are in safe hands.  We will perform the transfer in a secure and efficient manner, which will allow you to get up and running on your new computer in no time at all.  Everything from your files, music, pictures, videos and even some software applications can be transferred in a matter of minutes.  Pick up where you left off when you let Leslievillegeek perform your data transfer!

Get the Professional Data Transfer Services You Deserve from Leslievillegeek

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